Weight loss is hard but I'd like to  make it a little easier for you right now

I can hear you thinking, "yeah right" What's she trying to sell me here. So I'm going to explain myself right now.
There are 2 things that I know inside and out in this world. They are weight loss and early childhood education. First, the weight loss.
I've gone from eating mosty grains and sugars with smaller amounts of vegetables and very little fat to eating mostly healthy fats and good proteins with plenty of vegetables.
I lost 100 lbs in the process and have been able to keep it off for over 12 years now. How did I do it?  
I have lots of tips on my blog pages which are for everyone. But I want to communicate with others on a more personal level.
For community members or my "insiders club", coffee clutchers I offer a little bit more personal attention. I'll communicate with you on my coffee and pie forum but I also encourage you to communicate with each other there. 
I also offer free support for my carb-out there. 
And that's where I give away my latest recipe for Joy! My original and most tastsy recipes for Joy are in my book on Amazon but the newer, quicker version that you can make in less than 5 minutes is also free to community members.
Did I mention that being a community member is free?  Good. Did I also mention that none of my weight loss material is for sale, its all there now, on my member pages. 
Now for my paid offerings. Yes, I have to make a living, too!
My first book is for sale though on Amazon and it explains my whole weight loss process and gives you the two tastiest weight loss recipes ever.
Reading the book, however, is not needed to do the  guided Carb Out or complete the SELF discovery journal. It's just for those who want to read more about how I did it or get those super bonus recipes I give at the end.
Now, for my paid offerings. Yes, I have to make a living too. 
When I wasn't researching and developing weight loss foods (for myself), I had a whole other career as an early childhood and family educator. In the last 40 years I've been a 
family childcare provider, a child care teacher, child care director, head start teacher, after school director, kindergarten teacherer 4 year old teaher, famioly aerobics instructor, PET parent information exhange group leader, 
I'll tackle your best question head on for under 50 dollars. Yep. 
taught Head Start, kindergarten, preschool, 
All of my material on weight loss is free. I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist. I'm more like a grandma with 50 years of weight loss experience who found the magical formula 12 years ago. 
Everyone is welcome to my articles on Sleep Eating Learning and Fun or SELF. Get to know me there. 
I hope you find some good ideas there about your kids, weight, energy, and confidence..
You'll notice throughout my website that I'm constantly bugging you to join my community.
Why would I do that? Let me tell you why. 
obviously, not everyone is going to agree with my ideas, and they can look elsewhere for what they want but I want to find those who are interested in what I have to say.
Since I run an advice line on Sleep Eating Learning and Fun, this is important to me.
Many of you will never need anything more from me than what I offer for free, but at some point a few of you will need some advice and guidance that your friends and family just aren't providing.
Then you might think about me and what kinds of things I promote and decide to spend the 48 dollars and 18 minutes it takes to get a quick consult from me. 
I mentioned early care and education. I have a grad level degree in human development.