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Use This Simple 6 Word Sentence To Stop Your Kids From asking For Too Much

This is an easy way to turn your child's questions around and create a learning experience for both of you.

When they ask for an item, attention or time validate what they say by asking them to describe it further.

Then say this, "Put it on the planning list" or "Put it on the gift list "

If your child is too young to write it t themselves, they can bring you the list and pen and you an transcribe what they say.

I like to keep my lists on the refrigerator or on a chalkboard and check them off after we do the activities.

"Oh I see Bernadette, you want to play hungry hippos. Let's put it on the planning list."

or for an item,

"Let's put it on the gift list, Stuart!"

Always ask your child to describe their requests to you. That and writing it down are both important parts of the learning process.

Then, as a parent, you always have gift ideas as well as ideas for indoors and outdoor activities.

And your kids get to see their requests in writing. It works just as well for adults who ask for things, too!

But what if your kids (or adults) whine at you about the list?

Don't respond to their whining. Just tell them calmly, "It's on the list." You could also add that requests take time. Or that things come quicker when you don't whine about them.

Kids (and adults) can control their whining behaviors when we hold them accountable, especially after the age of about 2 or 3.

Anyway, I hope that helps you with your day as much as it helps me to write it!!


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