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Ever feel alone? Frustrated with your toddler?  Your preschooler? Yourself? Your family?


It certainly isn't easy.

After 43 years of experience and a master's degree, I still have questions and I still thrive on support.

Questions about sleep, eating, potty training, potty mouth, whining, hitting, abc's STEM, language, biting, taking turns, night terrors, tantrums, sensory issues, empathy, problem-soving, anti-bias, anti-bully as well as questions about what's normal and what's not can keep you up at night when you really need to be sleeping!

What are your current options for support?

 Family? Friends? Books? Google? All good places to start.

But what if you had an actual community of parents, providers and other caregivers to consult with, ask questions and share ideas with?

A Supportive Hug

And what if you could just drop by and ask a question or browse articles that might have your answer already whenever you have a few minutes and your phone? 

Adorable Toddler

And, what if you never even had to leave the comfort of your own home to visit?

What if belonging to this community was 100% free forever? No tricks, catch-22s, or even paid add-ons.  And you won't have to worry about annoying affiliate ads because this community is not sponsored by affiliates in any way. 

Why am I doing this? Simple! To promote awareness of the need for incusive sensory and emotional education for children birth-3.

Baby boy drawing with wax crayon on plas

We are here for you!

Outdoor Family Day
We promote proven techniques that have actually been proven by science to help.  
Lap reading
music and dance
Tubby Time
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