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WonderParent One-Liners That Work
Child Development and Research-Based
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Imagine your life if your kids listened to you the first time you asked.
Imagine how much fun you could have with your family if you could get them to do what you want without complaining or giving you a hard time.

WonderParent One-Liners will teach you exactly what to say, word for word when you need your kids to listen to you. Other parents will be in awe as they wonder how in the world you make it look so easy.

  • Do you feel embarrassed in front of other parents or unsure of the "right" way to handle situations with your children?
  • Do you feel frustrated trying to get your kids to answer to their name?
  • Do you get confused by the "experts" telling you how to prevent common problems but never mentioning what to do once they actually happen?
What if there was a way to talk to your kids that would get you respect and compliance, without having to raise your voice?
What if there were magical words and phrases used by teachers of young children for decades that worked with their developing brains instead of against them allowing for better communication and trust?
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That's exactly why, after 43 years and 75,000 hours of hands-on work with young children and families, I decided to offer you some of the one-liners that I developed or learned from other teachers and parents that have worked well for me over the years.
I wanted you to be able to experience some of the fun and playfulness that happens with kids when you don't have to worry about them testing you all of the time and making life miserable.
I also wanted to share with you ideas that are accepted as being developmentally appropriate in the world of professional early childhood education. There's a lot of bad information on child development out there as well as many positive and helpful ideas and I wanted to offer you the best, most professional practices available today.
Once you've had a chance to read my one-liners collection and the reasons why they work you'll be able to start implementing them right away.  Be consistent and your kids should be listening about 80% better within just a few days.

Here's what other parents have to say about Nanci and her techniques derived over 75,000 hours hands-on experience and 2 college degrees!

"Nanci's guidance and patience have taught us strategies for dealing with potential stress points that have been immensely helpful."

                                                 Brigid, parent

"We have solicited Nanci's expertise on topics such as socialization, sleep, potty-training, language, and more. We've very much appreciated her informed input and practical advice.

                                                 Lindsey, parent

"Nanci's knowledge of the developmental stages of young children guided us through those tricky and amazing years. Nanci's experience in this field is vast and learning from her is a joy and a gift.

                                                 Weslie, Parent and Teacher

You get......
WonderParent One-Liners slideshow presentation highlighting 21 parenting one-liners that you can use starting today to get your kids to listen, followed by the developmental reasons they work
clear easy-to-use format
easy to access from your tablet, laptop, or phone when you need it most
presented by a childcare professional with two advanced degrees, over 75,000 hours, and 43 years experience in the field
Parenting should be fun and rewarding, not a lot of work and frustration. Learn how to say things the right way and never have to worry about being ignored and embarrassed again!
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  Be that parent who radiates calm confidence and joy. You deserve it! It's easier to achieve than you might think when you have the right tools.

Meet The Author of WonderParents

Nanci J Bradley is an early childhood and family educator, parent, author, teacher, SELF-care facilitator, family aerobics instructor, and an all-around fun-loving person. She believes in the power of sleep, healthy eating, lifelong learning and most of all, PLAY! She studied early childhood ed at Triton College and received her BS in education in 1986 from NIU. She received her MA in human development from Pacific Oaks College in 2011. She lives and teaches in Madison WI
21 WonderParent One-Liners 
slideshow                  value 49.
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Is WonderParent One-Liners for you?
Do you worry that you have no patience?
Actually, patience isn't the most important trait for you to have. A good role model doesn't accept inappropriate behavior patiently. Understanding the child's development is much more important than patience.
Do you want to do the right thing for your kids but have absolutely no time or money for parenting classes?
That's why I offer Wonder Parent One-Liners at a low price and quick to consume format. I've been working with young kids for long enough to know that it's almost impossible to find the time to do anything at all when they're present which is 24/7 for parents!
Do you wish that parenting was more fun and less frustrating?
It can be that and so much more. As a young teacher, 43 years ago, I was super frustrated, too.  It seemed to me that if I was nice and polite to the kids, they ran over me like a steamroller. 
And if I suddenly got sick of it all and started to show them how I really felt, they started to shape up around me and treat me with more respect. But I didn't feel so good at all.  I felt mean.
I know many parents and providers are frustrated by this problem, too. They want to be nice but often feel the need to bring down the hammer.  It works (sort of) but it never feels right until you discover your personal middle ground.
These days I can confidently and lightheartedly talk with kids about their behavior and get them to do what I want and like it!
These one-liners are designed to help you develop that kind of confidence without taking hours and hours of training or attending live parenting classes. I designed it this way on purpose because you deserve it!
Here's how to get your copy of WonderParents One-Liners 
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One-liners will help you alleviate the guilt all parents feel after being too harsh or yelling at your kids. You'll see improvement in your kid's behavior and you'll feel better about the choices you make as a parent.
Don't rely on your parent's outdated methods and phrases that don't work. They just make you feel like a bad parent.
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 Be the parent you always knew you could be and amaze your family and friends with your new found skills that make guiding kids behavior look easy!
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