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Our energy tunes-ups are now available for purchase.
An Energy Tune-Up is a self-reflection and coaching process designed to help you fix your energy, weight, and boundary setting problems from the inside out.
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Now It's Your Turn

to Be Nurtured, Inspired and Energized 

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Check in with yourself  to see if an Energy Tune-Up might work for you
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  • worry about being tired for no good reason?
  • crave sweets, pasta, bread, and your kids leftover mac and cheese?
  • suffer from emotional eating when your family and friends stress you out?
  • "eat healthily" and still struggle to reach a healthy weight and stay there?
  • wish your kids listened before you lost it instead of after?
  • wish your family ate better?
  • want to get the respect you deserve?
  • want to sleep better and/or teach your kids to sleep better?
  • have trouble setting boundaries with anyone or everyone?
  • want more fun in your life?
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Do You...

If several of the above are true for you, I totally understand. I've been there.
All my friends and acquaintances know that I'm passionate about my career as a child and family educator. My inner circle also knows that a while ago I got fed up with being tired, sick, and hungry almost all the time. I really started getting serious about eating for energy and health. 
Long story short, I ended up losing more than 100lbs. and keeping it off for over 12 years! Even better than that, I became the energetic, joyful and often ecstatic person I was always meant to be. Can you blame me if I want to share? Below are my before and after pictures.
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An energy tune-up can work for you, even when nothing else has. Why?
So many plans and programs only look at eating and exercise. I look at the whole picture. All 4 vital areas of life that can give or drain your energy.
                        Sleep, Eating, Learning, and Fun
I can also teach you how to set boundaries for yourself and for your family members which you definitely need for any method to work.    
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Energy Tune-Ups are short and sweet. They work with your existing lifestyle and personality, not against it. They can fit easily into your schedule and provide you with an individualized plan that can give you tons of energy, help you with your healthy weight goals, and give you extra confidence in setting healthy boundaries for a happy, fun-filled family life.
Energy Tune-Ups are co-designed by the client (you!) and the facilitator (me!) This is so they work with your individual life circumstances to give you the energy and confidence you deserve.  
Energy Tune-Ups are a little bit like coaching except they're designed with the busiest of parents and caregivers in mind. Unlike some life coaching programs, an Energy Tune-Up won't waste your time and money by dragging on for many sessions even when the conversation isn't helping.
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Here's how it works. The process starts with 3 days of awareness exercises that will take you approximately 10 minutes per day. Then, after that, you'll meet with me by phone or on Facetime for a one-hour session during which we'll discuss sleep, eating, learning and fun in your life. We can spend more or less time on any of those subjects as you like. We'll work together on a plan to blend your lifestyle and preferences with proven energy and confidence strategies. 

After that, I'll write up our plan in an easy-to-follow format and we'll use a half hour follow-up session to finalize it and get you started. Then you can push the activate button on more energy and fun in your life. 
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The bottom line is this......Energy Tune-Ups work. They don't take a lot of time and they don't cost nearly as much as traditional coaching. And they give you more energy to enjoy your life!

All I can say is that I am so happy that I am eating this way as I have more energy to play with {my grandson} all day and remain a happy grandma.  Lori

I agree with the support. Positive element. I like how I am feeling. Another very physically active weekend and that was good.  Tami

How much does an Energy Tune-Up actually cost?
The complete cost for an Energy Tune-Up is $249. 
How long does a Tune-Up take?
10 minutes of reflection and writing time for 3 days. Then 1 1/2 hour phone or facetime with me. Your total time commitment is 2 hours, all from the comfort of your favorite spot at home.
Who will do my Tune-Up and how do I know they're qualified? 
All Energy-Tune-Ups are facilitated by me, Nanci J. Bradley, MA human development, BA education, 43+ years experience in child and family education 
Will one session be enough for me?
For many people, one session along with the work and SELF-REFLECTION is enough to last a lifetime. Sessions may also be purchased in sets of 4 at a lower price per session.
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How do I know an energy Tune-Up will work for me?
What if it doesn't? 
I'm so positive that if you work with me and implement at least 4 of the solutions we come up with and you don't feel any extra energy, I'll refund 100% of your money. 
All you have to do is give me a chance to improve my program for the next customer with a 10 minute down to earth phone interview. After the interview, you'll get your refund no matter what.
So with that money back guarantee in place, you have nothing to lose but a few extra lbs. and nothing to gain but energy and confidence!
Keep reading for your answer, it's coming up!
In case you're still on the fence, I have an exciting bonus for
everyone who receives an Energy Tune-Up during the introductory
phase. Every participant will not only get energy and confidence like never before but also a free print (or digital if preferred) copy of my book, The Amazing Secrets of Joy!
This book contains the two super tasty secret recipes specifically designed to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. The book is selling on Amazon for $60.00 right now. Once you try these magical recipes, you'll understand that the recipes alone are worth the $599.00 I was planning on offering them for. They're that effective because they keep you full and satisfied! And if you don't believe me, just look at my photos.
Still worried about the cost? I feel for everyone who can't afford even a one-time coaching session because I've been there.
That's why I offer so many of my amazing secrets for free in my blog articles. I also offer completely free tools and programs to my site members that can be used effectively by self-motivated people without ever buying anything.
Although I'm positive the everyday price of $249. is a great deal when you consider how precious confidence and energy really is, I really love and appreciate my site members so I'm going to offer you an additional $20.00 discount code just for signing up. 
Grab your discount now by becoming a community member. It's free! You'll get the coupon code on your welcome letter right away and you can use it during check out or keep it for later.
You can get started now by clicking here
Discount is for community members only and is a limited time offer
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