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Does Everyone Gain It Back?

The stats on re-gaining after major weight loss are pretty bad. Even worse if you're depressed to begin with and especially bad if you have trouble keeping up with those big changes you made in order to lose. Deprivation anyone?

So here are my top 3 tips that I use every day to maintain my 100 lb. weight loss and keep my energy levels high. Ready?

  • I weigh myself daily and I don't freak out if it fluctuates a bit. That's normal.

  • If I see I've gained a couple of pounds, I make a plan to eat some tasty fish meals. Fatty fish like wild caught salmon, trout and tuna are the best. I especially like fish boil and brussels sprouts with lots of butter. Notice that I tend to eat more fat rather than less. There's a reason for that and it is intentional. I think fat is great for dieting and maintaining because it keeps me full and satisfied. In my opinion, it's the sugar and the quick carbs that ruin all of our best efforts to stay healthy.

  • I put a tablespoon of organic cold pressed coconut oil in my coffee or tea every morning. Then I repeat it with my second cup. You might be thinking I've lost it completely (and I have). Adding coconut oil to my coffee tastes good, keeps me satisfied for hours, revs up my metabolism and doesn't produce any extra yeast in my system to make me feel hungry and prone to eat nasty things before lunch. Plus, I did the math and it costs less than 25 cents per tablespoon!

If you want to know more about my ketogenic diet or the special foods I've created, read my book here.

What would you do with more energy and less hunger? Find out here.

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