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My Personal Fav Recipe For Rapid Weight Loss

I use this recipe and method when I want to shed weight fast! First I eat nothing but Joy!

low carb, keto, vegan, LCHF

all day long. Then I enjoy a healthy dinner like this Shirataki Salmon. Then I eat more Joy! for dessert. My trick is to eat 8-10 ounces of Joy! per day. I use this method to lose 1/2-1 lb. per day when I gain a couple of lbs and need to get back to my goal weight. This works again and again for me. After the first few lbs. weight loss slows down but stays steady. I realize this may sound unbelievable to some of you but if you've ever tried a ketogenic diet you know how possible it really is.

After my 100 lb. weight loss, I just want to share this with others. For the last 11 years, I've had more energy and less hunger than ever in my life (58 years). My heart panel is excellent, by the way.

Please don't try this unless you're an adult and have cleared it with your doctor or health care professional. All I know for sure is that it works for me with a history of pre-diabetes, obesity, alcoholism and PCOS. Try this recipe, it's easy and tasty.

low carb, salmon recipes, LCHF, keto recipes

Shirataki Salmon

one 7 oz. pk. of shirataki noodles.

These are also called yam noodles and are found in the refrigerated section of most any asian grocery store. Do not buy the yam cakes, they don't work. Either the brown or the white noodles work and don't taste different as far as I can tell. These are not noodles or yams but they are a sea vegetable.

3-4 oz. salmon or other fatty fish (either a packet or leftover wild-caught salmon works well)

6-8 brussell sprouts, broccoli florets or cauliflower florets, cooked and broken or chopped

2-3 heaping TBSP Sugar free mayonnaise

Now, place your shirataki in a medium pan with water and boil for about 1-2 minutes. Rinse with very hot water for about 3 minutes or until it no longer smells fishy. Cut it up into bite-sized pieces with a clean scissors, it's fun! Now add the veggies, the fish and the mayo. Heat it up a bit and....!

Nanci J. Bradley Author

low carb, keto diet, keto recipes, LCHF

low carb, keto, LCHF



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