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5 Of The Easiest One Minute Self Care Rituals For Busy, Busy Moms vol.1

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Here are 5 tried and true mini-rituals to enhance the mental, emotional and physical health of moms or any busy caregivers. This is not just a canned list, these are things that really work for myself and my clients. I've been a child and family educator for the past 40 years and I know a bit about living with stress.

I know that if you're anything like me, you often don't have even one minute to spare but every once in a while, you may. Try taping this up in the bathroom for a few weeks until you remember to do these things on your own.

#1 Finger Pressing

Your fingers can be a path to serenity amid chaos. When you can't escape, do this. Press your index finger to your thumb and breathe in, let go and breathe out, repeat until you feel the wave of calm come over you.


#2 Gotta Go

When your child is whining or asking for help that you don't think they really need, I'm going to give you an "out". You can say, "I see you need help with that. I need to go to the bathroom (or get creative with excuses if you have to) and I'll help you when I'm done."

You get a chance to re-group and your child gets a chance to problem solve. When you return, give your child a little of your time, attention and the least amount of help they need to succeed. Unless, of course they've figured it out themselves.

#3 Color and Confidence

Say to yourself, "YOUR NAME, you can handle this." Repeat several times slowly. Then envision nothing but your favorite color. Focus only on that. Take a deep healing breath. Now you're more ready to face any situation.

#4 Wet rag on face

Go to the bathroom or the kitchen. get a clean, soft washcloth. If it's winter run hot water, if summer run cold. Soak the rag, squeeze it out and lay it on your face. Repeat. Feel better?

# 5 Remember this. Always do your best. You may not be the best mommy in the world but you are the one they need today. So remember to care for your *SELF always.

*S=Sleep E=Eating L=Learning F=Fun

low carb, energy, keto

What I learned about eating and mood

Eat balanced meals to keep your blood sugar as stable as can be. Mine was a real mess until I took the time to learn about balance.

Here's one way to eat balanced meals and snacks that I discovered over the years. It works when you don't have time to do anything else. Go to the fridge and get some joy! Eat as much as you like. Stop.

low carb, ketogenic, sugar free

I developed and used joy! to order to lose 100 lbs. and gain tons of energy. Learn all about it here.

low carb, ketogenic diet

me before (38) me after (56)

ketogenic, weight loss, energy, low carb

my book tells how you can do it too!

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