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Get Creative With Mental Health And Nutrition (free recipe for healthy comfort food!)

Hello friends, good to see you after an unplanned break due to confusion, uncertainty, and angst about who I really am. I’m back to tell you 3 major things I discovered while I was in the strange hazy land of covid Hades. Nothing you don’t already know but I'm going to tell you anyway because it might make me feel better.

Discovery # 1

I am enough. Whether or not I work, clean my house, finish my taxes, call all of my friends, or keep up with this blog, it doesn't really matter, I'm still enough.

I know that I'm enough because I listen to an hour's worth of affirmations every day telling me so. I really think it works and if it doesn't, at least I get more alone time by wearing my headphones and looking like I'm listening to something intense and important.

Speaking of words, they really do make a difference. Good childcare providers like me know this because we have to learn to talk in a special way or the kids just won't listen to us. If you want some of the one-liners I developed for my own use after 43 years of working with young children and their families and a master's degree in human development, click here and join my community, to get your free copy!

You can have the 21-page slideshow for free on my member's only section. I put it on there for a limited amount of time because I feel bad for families all couped up because of COVID. It usually sells for 49. and won't be free forever, so be sure to download a copy to keep once you sign up and become a very important member of our community.

Words mean so much, even to adults. We are healthier and happier when we take charge of the mental tape that plays constantly in our minds. That's why I had to develop this mantra to help myself cope. I try hard to repeat it often. LOL! When I do have the presence of mind to remember to use it, it helps me a lot.

My only goal is inner peace, the only moment is now, my only functions

are appreciation and forgiveness, starting with myself.

Discovery #2