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3 Proven Ways to Get the Energy You Need

Energy is everything and after 42 years of working directly with young children and their families, I need all I can get. I'm going to give you my 3 best energy and weight loss tips here and now!

my pics....

before at age 38

after at age 58

I have so much more energy now, it's almost unbelievable. Plus I have a lot more fun shopping in thrift stores because I get the awesome clothes people grow out of. Most of all, I have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I'm not perfect, but doing my best to show a good, healthy example to the family members around me.

As a child care provider, teacher, parent, grandparent and parent educator, I know that science proves beyond a doubt that children learn by example. Here are my top 3 tips.

Eat less grains and sugars and more fat every chance you get. The more you do this, the more energy you have to spare. If you're a vegan, eat lots of healthy plant fats. If you're a vegetarian or an omnivore eat high quality plant and animal fats. Using healthy fats for energy in place of sugars and grains is an energy (and weight loss) miracle.

Put on your own oxygen mask first and then help your family. They need you. Take care of your SELF first. Balance your Sleep Eating Learning and Fun. We can help with all of those things or one area, but we'll talk about that later. I do offer lots of free advice on SELF in my blog articles.

Only keep track of one thing. Net Carbs. Stay under 30 net carbs per day and your energy levels will soar as long as you eat enough healthy fat to keep you full and satisfied.

Some people, (like me) have a hard time doing that so if you want to try the 7-day quick start, I developed for myself, click the photo below and join our community. 100% of those who completed the 7 days gained a significant amount of energy and you can do it too. Everything is explained step-by-step so grab your free tutorial now! It might now be free for long.

Nanci J Bradley is an author and child and family educator with 42 years experience, an MA in human development and a BA in education. She helps parents ​​manage relationship and weight issues.

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