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Help Your SELF!

I write free stuff for you because I've struggled with my weight and wondered about my parenting on many occasions just like you probably do.

Also because its been my job as a child and family educator for over 40 years, with a MA human in development, to think about and research these things. Sleep, Eating, Learning and Fun have always been my focus.

low carb, lchf, keto

I'm posting my before and after pictures so you can see the difference that adjusting these things has made on the way I look. What you can't see here is even more significant than the 100 lb. weight loss.

It's the energy I feel every day that makes the biggest difference in my life.

low carb, lchf, parenting, keto
low carb, lchf, energy, keto, parenting

Because of that energy, I'm working on some great new things!

So browse my articles and see if you like what I have to say. When you decide to join our very special community, you'll immediately get a free copy of the plan I wrote and use for a quick start or a once-a-month maintenance plan. It's called Carb Out With Joy and it's a priceless tool that I'm probably crazy for giving away free.

The truth is that I want to get it out to you because I know it can simplify things for a lot of people. If you ever wonder if a low carb way of eating is right for you, this is a good place to check it out without spending a dime. It's a high energy plan that works for most people including busy moms, but no one wants to shell out a lot of money when they're not sure. So that's why I'm keeping it free for now.

So, you can go straight to the sign up page, here, and get your free copy of Carb Out With Joy! right now (I don't do spam and you can quit whenever!).

low carb, lchf, keto

Or you can scroll down to see my blog pages. Click the photo below if it won't scroll. Either way I hope you find what your looking for. My pages are free of other people's ads so you won't have to search around for the content you really want to read.!

low carb, parenting, keto

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