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The #1 Thing To Give Your Child To Boost Their Brain Power

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It's you, of course!

The relaxed version of you, that is. So grab a warm beverage and sit down next to one of your children as they play. Quietly watch and eventually ask a few questions but don't try to teach them anything or hand out any moral lessons or judgments of any kind.

Use this time to learn about your child. Notice what they 're trying to accomplish in their play. Since play is nature's best way for children to learn, your're off the hook. Just enjoy your child for a while and support what they've chosen to do. Since the pressure is off to teach, you'll probably appear more relaxed and happier than ever, just to be with them.

This is the best way to support their learning and to build a stronger bond between you.

So forget about the adult world with all of it's troubles and woes and join your child in their world of play for a change. Let them lead you on a journey of learning and wonder. You won't be sorry.

* based on the work of Stanley Greenspan and the Floortime method of supporting children's play

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weight loss, low carb, parenting

Nanci J Bradley is a teacher, author, child and family educator and consultant in the areas of energy, healthy weight and parenting. She believes in the power of SELF which includes Sleep Eating Learning and of course Fun!

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