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Got Questions?

parenting, energy, nutrition, healthy weight

sibling rivalry? healthy weight? sleep issues? learning problems? boundary setting? potty training? exclusion? lack of energy or motivation? time to have fun and be active with your family?

Need someone to talk to who will support YOU to be YOUR best SELF? Someone who understands. Someone who gives options instead of answers and support instead of judgement? I have 43 years positive hands-on experience with young children and their families plus a master's degree in human development. Here's what some of my adult clients say about me.

I could not have raised my child without the help and guidance of Nanci Bradley. She saved my life so many times, now my child is grown and doing well and the advice she gave me was worth a million dollars.

Barb W

My sleep, eating and energy levels have improved so much since I've been working with Nanci. I would recommend calling her if you have any issues in those areas or any area that you need support in. She guides without being critical of who you are.

Sara S

My energy has improved, my pain levels decreased and my biggest questions about my grandchildren have been answered through my work with Nanci. I call Nanci every time I have a question and she's definately worth way more than what she charges.

Dave B

parenting advice

For only 2.99 per minute with the first 3 minutes always free, you can ask me any question and I'll listen, and then ask a few questions to find out what you've

parenting, energy, sleep, nutrition

already tried and accomplished.

You stay on the line only as long as you wish.The more information you can give me the more personalized my answer to you will be. You decide when to end the session and stop the payment clock simply by hanging up.