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Coffee and PIE Support Group

We believe that you deserve the support to be your best SELF. And we understand that you don't have a lot of extra time to organize it.

That's why we're working hard at Paradox to bring you the best PIE (Parents Information Exchange) forum available. So sign up here. It's free. Put the kids to bed, grab your favorite beverage and swap information and stories with other parents and caregivers about things that really matter to you like Sleep, Eating, Learning and Fun.

When you join our community of confident and energetic caregivers you'll have free access to it and you'll instantly get a downloadable copy of our SELF discovery Journal and our Carb Out With Joy tutorial. Click the photo below and jump right in! You can unsubscribe anytime and keep the Journal and tutorial anyway.

energy, parenting, low carb

healthy weight, low carb, energy, parenting

Nanci J Bradley is an all-around fun-loving person, teacher, author, and SELF discovery coach, who believes in sleep, healthy weight, nutrition, lifelong learning and more than anything else, play!!

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