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16 Magical Phrases to Calm an Angry Child Now!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Many early childhood experts write about how to prevent a child from becoming angry and that's a great thing but you also need a strategy for when they do become angry.

Here's a collection of my 16 best tips for calming angry children derived from over 43 years of providing care and education to children and their parents. Also important, but not quite as impressive, are my BA in education and MA in human development.

All of my ideas are based on the premise that an angry child is angry because they don't feel heard or understood.

Once they get into that rage stage, it's really hard to get them out. They seem to get "locked" into it somehow. Sometimes just waiting can be the best strategy but here are some calming phrases to try in the meantime.

Do you want a tissue? One or two?

Are you more hurt or angry?

Show me the spot where it hurts the most.

Just keep breathing until you can tell me how upset you are.

4...3...2...1...breathe.......4....3...2...1...breathe....(do it with them)

Be a star

(you can learn this awesome conscious discipline technique