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Try This Astounding New Way To Get Your Child's Full Attention Without Yelling!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

This is a technique that I've been working on for years but I 'm calling it new here because so few people actually know exactly how to use it or how it can help you to keep control of nearly any situation.

If you don't know how to use this technique you might end up yelling for your child's attention.

This doesn't feel good for the kids or for the parents.

Kids want both guidelines and limits from us, so providing them in a clear and user-friendly way can save us tons of anguish as our children grow. We need to teach them how to respond to us, even when they have to stop playing for a minute to do so.

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So here's the technique:

Imagine your child is engaged and having a good time playing, but you need to tell them something important. You may want to say, " lower your voice", or, "we have to leave in 10 minutes so finish up what you're doing", or even, "nice job solving that problem with your friend, you worked it out on your own!" but they won't stop what they're doing for a moment to acknowledge you.

It's like they've gone deaf to your voice only!.

Here's what to do.

In a non-stressful moment, tell your child that you've noticed that they seem to be having a hard time "hearing" when you have to talk to them and they're busy playing,