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Some Things Stay The Same

As you probably know, one of my biggest goals in life is prevention, especially in the lives of young children. Why wait when it's just easier to fix something sooner? That's why I sometimes get frustrated when I can't control what's happening in the world.

And I will admit to having a bit of an issue with liking things to stay the same. Like my living room furniture. It hasn't been seriously re-arranged since 1992. I have old photos of childcare kids, still hanging from their toddler days that are now graduating from college! Yikes!

So, changes can be hard. Yet the bigger question for me this week, my friend, is this. What's going to change and what's going to stay to same in the near future? And what, exactly will we have control over? Double Yikes!

Some things I'd personally like to see stay are:

more family bonding, more dog walking, and more gardening, finding new and creative ways to learn, exercise, and communicate, Finding new ways to get what we need and re-thinking what it is we really do need.

The two things I 'd love to see less of are violence and abuse. I know a change like the one we're experiencing can be a huge trigger for violent acts. I wish I knew what to do about that but I'll leave