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Get Respect From Your Family with These 3 Little Words

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I have a feeling that you're good at encouraging kids and helping your family when they need you, but sometimes feel frustrated when they don't seem to appreciate it.

After 43 years of working with kids and families as well as having my own, I can tell you that while familial matters are usually more complicated than they seem, this one simple phrase can do wonders to increase respect. Both ways.

I still need to re-commit to it every time I feel kids or families aren't respecting me the way I'd like them to. It might only be 3 little words, but they're 3 words that can help teach appreciation and respect from where they begin.


That's because this phrase makes it perfectly clear what I expect everyone I deal with to do to make with me happy with them.

What is it? I'm going to tell you now, but remember, this little phrase is my biggest secret ever for gaining respect from, families and the groups of children I work with every single working day for the past 43 years. Use it wisely.

The 3 little words that do so much are, "That was helpful!"

Yep, that's it!

All you have to do is to notice them when they are helpful and say it out loud. Every wants to be acknowledged. It's also nice when you provide a clear description of what you actually thought was helpful so they'll have no trouble knowing what to do to put a smile on your face.