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ER (Energy Resources) For Tired Moms and other Caregivers


Think of what you could accomplish with more energy for yourself and for your family.

Here's a great place to start. Start with your SELF. In my world SELF stands for Sleep Eating Learning and Fun. When you have these four elements in balance, your energy will skyrocket. I promise.

Sleep, sleep issues

S is for sleep

Here's an article I wrote about how to get more of it as an adult. I also write about children's sleep. I've studied sleep and I've put hundreds of children to sleep thousands of times, even as many as 20 at a time and I know how challenging some kids can be when it comes to getting some rest.

E is for eating

After living for years as a miserably overweight and extremely tired Mom, I finally took charge of my energy at the age of 38. I was 100 lbs. overweight, juggling my duties as a full time child care provider and a Mom. And I was exhausted. I have some great ideas for healthy snacks that are good for Moms and kids alike here.

L is for learning

lifelong learning, energy

As an early childhood and family educator (40 years) with degrees in education and human development, I love to talk about learning throughout the lifespan. Here's a link to my article about lifelong learning.

When kids aren't listening to you, it can also be related to learning. Here an article about getting toddlers to listen without yelling.

kids, listening, keto, low carb, energy, listening

F is for fun

We all have a basic human need to have fun and to learn things every day. When we let ourselves fulfill that need, we nurture our natural energy and enjoy more of it.

Here's an article with things you can do right now to relax and have fun!

family fun, energy, low carb, keto

Thanks so much for visiting.

Know anyone who really needs to lose weight but can't stop eating? These pics are me! After losing 100 lbs. and gaining tons of energy, I

felt the need to write my methods down.

low carb, keto friendly, ketogenic, energy boosting snacks, weight loss, diet plan, rapid weight loss

low carb, ketogenic diet, keto friendly, weight loss

Now you can read exactly what I did to get started and try it yourself if you want. Click on the Day 1 photo below to join our community and get immediate access to my free 7-day guide. Recipes and restaurant guide are included! Click now and get yours instantly.

low carb, keto friendlly, weight loss

Nanci J Bradley is an early childhood and family educator, author and all around fun loving person who believes in the power of sleep, nutrition, lifelong learning, SELF care and more than anything else, PLAY!

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