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low carb, keto, energy

Are you often tired in the middle of the day for no good reason? Do you struggle with feeling hungry before lunch even when you've eaten breakfast? Do you find it increasingly difficult to lose or even maintain your weight each year?

Think about the way you feel when you're waiting for a meal. Do you seem less able to deal with your hunger than others? Do you get hungry or tired after lunch and/or before dinner?

Do you ever feel weak, like you have to eat something right away, maybe even a little bit shaky or foggy-brained?

When you have a craving for your favorite food, do you find the urge so intense that it overwhelms you causing you to act quickly before you can rationally resist the temptation?

Do these things get in the way of your plans for a healthy lifestyle? They did for me.

I'm about 38 in the picture on the left and about 56 in the one one the right.

If you know you need to cut down on starchy foods, sugars and grains but have a hard time doing so, I wrote a simple to follow plan for you.