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3 Simple Ways To Set Doable Boundaries For Your SELF and for Your Family

Updated: May 10, 2020

Boundaries are good.

When you set clear, boundaries, everyone in your family, including yourself, will be happier and more secure. Think of boundaries as being like the chain-links in the fence around your backyard. They keep your family safe while allowing for fun and flexibility within their confines.

People are proven to be happier and more secure in an environment with clear limits.

Hopefully, your fence allows for some healthy risk-taking within its limits, too. The ultimate goal is to develop enough SELF-control to go out in the world at some point and be responsible, hopefully without having to give up fun.

Here are 3 things you can do, starting today, to make your boundaries clear and easy to understand.

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Use "I" messages. You really need to tell people what you want if you want to have any chance in the world of getting it. I would recommend starting your requests with the word "I" or the word "when". For example, "I want a clean kitchen to cook in. When the dishes, counters and sink are clean, then I'll start cooking."

Own up to your feelings but notice the complete lack of judgement and guilt in the above statement. When people don't feel guilty or judged, they're much more likely to comply.