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Invite More Fun Into Your Life

Everybody deserves to have fun. Here's a quick check-in with yourself to see if your getting enough. Grab a pen, a marker and a piece of scrap paper.

Quick write down the top ten things you like to do for fun.

Is this easy or hard to do? Are these things that you actually do? Are they truly your favorite things or are you thinking of others opinions and values? Do you spend at least one hour each day doing something that's fun for you? These are all important questions to ask yourself.

I believe that one hour per day of something YOU think is fun is a minimum "fun quota". If you're not getting yours, you need to find a way to do it or risk losing some of your energy and confidence.

I also believe that fun is one of 4 important factors that contribute to your energy and your confidence. The other 3 are sleep, eating and learning. Put that all together and it spells SELF. Yes, you.

I know it's really hard to think of yourself when there are so many others who need you but when you take care of your own energy and health, it benefits your entire family. Plus you set a good example and that's important to their learning.

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