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Try This Fun One-Second Trick To Elevate Your Mood Daily

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

It really only takes a second to push a button. Try this first thing every morning and you'll immediately elevate your mood and start getting things done!

It's so important that we take control of what we feed our minds the first thing in the morning. Most people look at their phones, the news, social media or whatever else is there. Stop it!!!! Don't let the media have control of your brain.

If you want to feel better and get more done, try making yourself a very personal playlist.

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Gather all your favorites songs by your favorite artists in one place and force yourself to play that first in the morning, before checking the social media, news or starting ANY other project.

And, of course, if you feel like it, you can move to the music, too!

Why does this work?

According to research conducted by Dr. Marcus Raichle at Washington University, it's because we're giving ourselves permission to be ourselves instead of taking on the opinions of anyone else.

I try to keep my music selection upbeat but I like a little bit of radical dissension now and then. You choose. That's the point.

I don't know why it's sometimes so hard for me to push that button but every morning that I do is better than a morning that I don'tI feel an immediate wave of energy and appreciation when I turn on my music.